Hartnell Physics Club

USDA merge with Hartnell Physics Club

The merger is enacted to improve the educational performance of the fifth graders of Los Padres Elementary School. The scientists at USDA, a governmental agricultural research organization which is located close to Los Padres Elementary School connected with the Hartnell Physics Club Outreach officer Jose Rico as a way to get a group of physics club members and USDA scientists to demonstrate important topics in science such as the Solar System and the physics behind it.
According to Carolee Bull, a research plant pathologist at USDA-ARS, the students at Los Padres Elementary School are really under-performing relative to other schools in Salinas as well as fear from the incident in which a girl at Los Padres Elementary school was shot. This humanity has been a key characteristic of scientists as seen in Bull.
It was Thursday March 17 2011, the fifth graders were impatient with curiosity of this outreach session. There were five classes each with one scientist and two-three physics club members for an hour long session filled with demonstrations and interactive activities which amazed the students. According to Rico, the fifth graders were really captivated and active in the session demonstrating their interest in Science.
This merger has enhanced the lives of the fifth graders towards science. According Bull, this experience from scientists and Physics club member will help the kids learn the fact that becoming a scientist is not an impossible event.  The more this type of activities originate, the more will the future of today's kids be well informed and on the go for discovery in science.